Why You Should Always Opt for a Used Car

You have driven past that used car lot for months now, and you have spotted the new model of a particular brand, and you would love to buy it, but you just don’t have the necessary finance to do so. It seems a shame that your dream car is beyond you, but there is an alternative. That same car, in the same colour and style, is probably available at one of the many used-car lots in your local area, and while the car itself might be two to three years old, it’s still in fantastic condition, and you get to buy it at a bargain price. Many people say that they want to experience the new car smell at least once in their life, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Spending thousands of extra dollars just so you can have the new car smell for a few months, doesn’t make good financial sense.

There are a number of reputable dealers that supply used cars in Canberra, and the car of your dreams is right there waiting for you. When you finally do come to your senses and decide that a used car might be for you, the following benefits might help you to totally make up your mind.

  • It saves you a lot of money – When you buy a used car, the moment that you drive off the lot, it loses thousands of dollars right then and there, even before there are any miles on the clock. The great thing about buying a used car, is that you get to buy the vehicle for maybe half the price, and if you happen to take out finance on the used car, you will pay it off, in a fraction of the time that it would take to pay off a new one.
  • You get a warranty – Many new cars come with up to 5 years of warranty, and because many owners, trade the car in against a new one, before this is up, it is very likely that when you buy a used car, you can still take advantage of the remaining warranty. This provides you with the peace of mind that you need, and you can have assurances that the car has been serviced regularly, and if any parts had to be replaced, they have been quality parts from the dealer. 

Hopefully, these two points will help you to make up your mind when it comes to choosing a used car, over a new one. You get to save yourself thousands of dollars, and you’re going to get the car that you want, but with only a few miles on the clock.