How To Tell If Your Car Accident Case Is Undervalued

Getting in a car accident in Connecticut is expensive. Luckily, you can offset the financial burdens caused by your accident. 

With the help of a car accident lawyer, you can file a car accident compensation claim. A successful car accident claim will get you fair compensation for damages, medical expenses, and repairs.

By calling a personal injury lawyer, you maximize your chances of receiving compensation from the at-fault driver and the driver’s insurance provider. Most importantly, you can protect yourself from an undervaluation of your case — a tactic most insurance providers use to save money.

An undervalued car accident case will result in you receiving compensation that hardly covers your out-of-pocket expenses. Despite how generous an undervalued offer may seem, it will not suffice for your vehicle’s repairs either.

Is your case undervalued? Here are four signs to look for in Connecticut:

The Insurance Provider Presents an Offer Too Early

One of the signs that you deserve more for your car accident case is an early offer from the insurance adjuster. Under no circumstances should you accept any money early on without speaking to an accident lawyer. More often than not, the settlement offer will be much lower than what you deserve.

Insurance companies recognize that victims welcome any settlement after a car accident. Knowing about a victim’s desperate situation, insurers present early offers to save money.

Granted, some insurance companies will willingly cover your expenses as an act of good faith. However, you must only consider an offer after the insurance provider has asked you for the value of your losses. At the very least, you should mention your medical expenses, vehicle repairs, lost wages, and impairments from the accident.

Be skeptical of any insurer offering you money without asking about your expenses and damages.

The Settlement Offer Is Less Than Your Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

An insurance company may undervalue your car accident case by offering less than your post-coverage medical expenses. Post-coverage medical expenses are out-of-pocket payments you have made for treatment. Often, the amount you will have paid will be higher than what your insurance provider covered. For this reason, the other driver’s insurance provider will cover the smaller amount — what your insurance covered — to save money.

A fair settlement compensates you for what your insurance provider has covered and what you paid. Also, the settlement amount must cover other expenses incurred during your recovery, like rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

An offer that does not cover the entirety of your medical expenses is a sign that you should call a personal injury lawyer.

Little to No Coverage of Your Vehicle’s Repairs

Insurance companies will find ways to argue for a vehicle’s diminished value. In other words, insurance companies will claim that your car was not worth much before the accident. As a result, companies will either cover a small amount or not cover repairs at all. An insurance adjuster will also try to prove that you were partly at fault for your car crash.

One way to prove the value of your vehicle and repairs is with receipts. In particular, you should keep receipts of your vehicle’s repairs and any document containing your vehicle’s price when you purchased it.

If an insurance company insists on providing little to no coverage, call an accident attorney. The representation of one will do wonders for your car accident claim, ensuring that you receive maximum compensation after your accident.

The Car Accident Settlement Covers Only Your Medical Costs and Vehicle Repairs

An offer that covers your medical expenses and car repairs may seem sufficient. However, a settlement should compensate for more. It must include compensation for damages and pain and suffering.

Damages are the losses that resulted from your injuries and the damage sustained by your vehicle. Under damages are lost wages and any disability resulting from the accident.

A fair settlement should also compensate you for pain and suffering. Pain refers to the significant and debilitating physical discomfort caused by your injuries. Suffering, in legal terms, is the psychological and emotional distress caused by the injury.

An accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for out-of-pocket expenses and damages. They’ll also be instrumental in negotiating a settlement that covers your pain and suffering.

Get Fair Compensation with a Car Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies are not on your side. They will exploit every trick in the book to deny you a fair settlement.

Protect yourself from the undervaluation of your car accident case. If you feel that you deserve more for your accident, reach out. Get the compensation you deserve.