Do’s and Don’ts of Designing a Small Bedroom

Many people believe that a small bedroom cannot appear appealing. This is not true at all. If you design your small bedroom properly, you can create a very beautiful design. There are many small bedroom designs you can choose that will make the space appear both spacious and more comfortable. However, if you do not have adequate interior design knowledge, designing a small bedroom can get a little tricky. To help you make a great small bedroom design, mentioned below are a few Do’s and Don’ts of a small bedroom:


01 of 04 Choose the right furniture pieces

If you have a small bedroom design, it is important that you choose compact and minimalist items. In most cases, the furniture pieces take up a lot of space. If you choose heavy and bulky furniture for your small bedroom, very little floor space will be left for the smooth flow of traffic. Also, the room will appear very busy and cluttered. To avoid this from happening, you must only choose minimalist furniture pieces. They will occupy less space and make the bedroom design appear larger.

Besides choosing minimalist furniture pieces, you can consider opting for furniture pieces that offer additional storage. This will allow you to store all your bedroom items away from clear sight and make the bedroom appear more organised and spacious. For instance, you can purchase a bed that comes with drawers or hydraulic storage. You will be able to store various items like blankets, pillows, comforters, etc.

02 of 04 Create an accent wall

Many people avoid choosing an accent wall in a small bedroom design thinking it might become too overwhelming for the room. However, many experts believe otherwise. You can create a focal point in your bedroom using an accent wall. As a result, every time someone enters the room, it will be the first thing he or she will notice. Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room, it will keep the design of the bedroom aligned.

Adding an accent wall to your small bedroom interiors allows you to introduce more colours, patterns, and styles to your home design. There are many accent wall ideas you can come up with for your bedroom. Besides opting for paint designs, you can choose panels, wallpaper, decals, etc.

03 of 04 Hang decor items on the walls

Choosing decor items for your small bedroom design can be a little tricky. It is always suggested to avoid large and bulky things that can occupy a lot of floor space. Otherwise, the interiors will appear busy and cluttered. The best option is to choose an item that can be hung on the walls. This will help to enhance the appeal of the room and make use of space efficiently. In most cases, paintings are hung in the living room but you can hang them in your small bedroom idea as well. Depending on your preferences, you can either get a large painting or many small paintings. If you are choosing small paintings, choose them in different sizes and shapes and create a beautiful gallery on the wall by hanging them together.

04 of 04 Give it a hotel like appeal

If you frequent boutique hotels, you will notice that even very small rooms are appearing very appealing. This is because these rooms are very well-designed to ensure they appear very elegant and opulent. If you can plan the layout thoughtfully and create a beautiful bedroom interior design, your small bedroom design will appear very aesthetically appealing as well. For giving your small bedroom idea a hotel-like appeal, use a monotone colour palette. Also, you have to ensure that all the essential items are available in the room. This includes the headboard, good-quality rug, window treatments, great lighting fixtures, and all the essential furniture pieces like nightstand, bedside stool, etc. Also, make sure that the bedside table comes with a drawer or cabinet for your convenience.


01 of 02 Choosing furniture pieces that only appear appealing

Aesthetic beauty is a crucial part of your bedroom but functionality is equally important. When choosing furniture pieces, you will not only have to ensure that they enhance the aesthetic appeal but also increase the functionality of the space. This is why you should never choose bulky furniture pieces that only appear good but occupy too much space. They also do not offer extra storage space. If you have bulky furniture pieces in your bedroom, you should remove them.

02 of 02 Avoid too many patterns

Many people prefer introducing lots of patterns to the interior design because they add more character to the space. Although it is true, you should avoid it in a small bedroom design. This is because small bedroom designs can appear very busy when there are too many patterns. If you want to introduce patterns, make sure you do not go overboard with them.